Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Live to Love

Dude, this summer has been insane. I love it though. I want to start posting more on here, because I figure that since I journal on my lap top a lot I might as well post it on here.

I got back from church summer camp last week. My last one! Haha, it was awesome. It's crazy how, when you put yourself in a position where you're seeking after and expecting to hear from God, he doesn't always work in you in the way that you expect.

Over the past year I've been through a lot and I had just got to the point where I felt like everyone expected me to be this perfect person. I felt like my family, my friends, and even God had expectations I couldn't live up to. When I would make mistakes I just felt so condemned. Anyway, during the alter call one night my youth pastor got up and said he felt like we should pray for people who felt overcome by condemnation. I just about died when he said that.

It was cool though because God totally took it all away. He took the huge pile of my mistakes and gave me such an incredible peace. When you live with condemnation it's there all the having it gone is so real and so incredible.

I love God.

"We are not here to be overcome, but to rise unvanquished after every knockout blow, and laugh the laugh of faith, not fear."--Amy Carmichael